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By using site you, means that you as an individual, or an individual on behalf of a corporate entity or organization, that desires to obtain certain moving services, tips or other services and help, agree to accept the following terms and conditions: In this page we offer you an access a moving company website in exchange for your agreement to accept our Terms and conditions. web site terms and conditions may change from Time to time by our company without providing notification to the users by the web site.

We offer you an access to the web site for personal and non commercial use only.

By using our web site, you agree that your use will be for a proper purposes only. You agree that you will not use any content or information from the web site for commercial purposes. You can use the information and the content of our web site for your personal use only. You agree that you will not use the web site in any way that can damage A-MOVING-COMPANY.COM web site. By using our web site you agree that you would not try to Access to prohibited areas in the web site. You agree that you can not create links from our web site without our writing permission to create those links. You agree that you will not use the content of the web site in any way that is violation of law. You agree that you will not use any content of the web site in any way that will violate copyrights or all other rights of A-MOVING-COMPANY.COM web site. You agree that our company may take an action if necessary in criminal or civil court in any case of violations of the terms and conditions.

A-MOVING-COMPANY.COM web site contains third party content providers. You agree that our web site does not take responsibility for the content of the third party providers and with your relation to the third party providers. You agree to provide A-MOVING-COMPANY.COM true information about yourself, if you asked to, in order to Use our free services. You agree to be the solely responsible for all the forms content. You agree with those terms of use and that A-MOVING-COMPANY.COM website does not take any responsibility in any case that you decide to use our moving tips, insurance tips or all Other content of A-MOVING-COMPANY.COM web site. Every use of A-MOVING-COMPANY.COM website or A-MOVING-COMPANY.COM sub domains content will be on your own risk only.

A-MOVING-COMPANY.COM Responsibility: We will keep your private information secure. Your personal information will be send only to the moving companies that are listed in our website and our partner website. We do not obligate to send any request that you submit. We act in a passive stand between you and the moving companies. Our website does not take any responsibility for any service that provided to you by the moving companies. We are just sending your request for move to the moving companies. After we send your request for move, you need to check the background of the moving company that you choose, it is your responsibility to do so, not ours. We are not responsible for the moving companies services. In case of claim - the moving company that provided you the service is solely responsible for the claim .

All information that A-MOVING-COMPANY.COM website contain can not be use for any legal claim or matter. The responsibility of A-MOVING-COMPANY.COM website and our company for any claim is symbolic and stands on $1.00 per claim. Errors may accrue from time to time in our web site. We do not responsible for any error that may accrue in the web site. Additional terms of use may apply in certain areas of our website. By using those areas you agree to accept the additional terms and conditions for the specific areas.

If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions please contact us at Contact Us Form.

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